Criticism Of Environmentalism

As we all know that environmentalism mainly deals with conversing environment as well as improving the state of environment. Different environment movements come up to conserve and for the protection of natural resources. These movements can simply be defined as a social and political movement mainly concerning with the conservation of environment as well as improving the state of environment. Environmentalists favor the sustainable management of natural resources as well as the protection of the environment via changes in public policy and individual behavior. In its recognition of humanity as a participant in ecosystems, the movement is centered on ecology, health and human rights. Environmentalism also faced criticism. Let’s know in brief about the criticism of environmentalism.

According to a study reported in The Guardian, reveals that people who believe to have the greenest lifestyle can be viewed as culprits of global warming. Studies have revealed that, those individuals who were more earth friendly were more possible to take long-distance overseas flights, and thus leading to more carbon emissions outweighed the savings from green lifestyles at home. This report can be considered as one part of environmentalism criticism. Criticizing environmentalism, many of the people have views and feel that those environmental movements are more profoundly concerned and rooted in politics than science. According to them claims often made by environmentalist are often perceived as covert attacks on industry and globalization rather than legitimate environmental concerns. Talking about criticism of environmentalism, detractors are speedy to note that an important number of environmental theories as well as predictions have been not accurate and suggest that the regulations recommended by environmentalists will more likely harm society rather than help nature.

Some people have the view that today’s environmental movement or environmentalism usually persists in various minute local groups especially within eco-regions. Also because of the political critique & confusion, and an increasing concern with the environment health problems basically caused by pesticides, some serious biologists and ecologists created the scientific ecology movement which would not confuse empirical data with visions of a desirable future world. Today it is the science of ecology, rather than any aesthetic goals, that provide the basis of unity to most environmentalists. The article above briefly reveals about criticism of environmentalism.

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