Eliminating Pollution

Pollution is increasing day by day and eliminating pollution has now become very important in the world since many big cities as well as smaller towns in many places are seeing the effects f pollution. There are many ways which one can help to eliminate pollution and make earth a better place for generations to come. As a part of pollution control one can choose to buy a hybrid type or a car that does not use fossil fuels at all. The use cleaner fuels like biodiesel and ethanol, or taking advantage of electric cars becoming available can reduce your personal emissions significantly.

For eliminating pollution one should plant trees, have a garden or putting plants inside your home. Plants and trees helps in reducing carbon dioxide. As plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, if there are more plants or trees there will be more oxygen in the world. This in fact is one of the great ways for the elimination of pollution in the world. Recycling is also an essential step in reducing pollution since it saves new resources from being harvested and used. Recycling paper products can save thousands of trees from being used. It also saves energy and there will be less pollution. Reducing pollution simply implies recycling and conserving as much energy as possible because energy generally means pollution in some form.

Eliminating pollution could simply mean the use of alternative, renewable and earth friendly energy sources whenever possible. Recycling materials can be reused and we can conserve energy and take steps to keep the air clean. Energy conservation could be small steps that lead up to a large energy savings. To save energy one should turn off the light whenever they leave the room and don’t leave water running when washing dishes or brushing your teeth. One should avoid using aerosol sprays since it contain ingredients that can be harmful to the ozone layer as well as the air quality. You should choose to buy energy efficient appliances as this can save v energy as well as reduce both costs and pollution.

For eliminating pollution one can switch to alternative and renewable energy sources like bio fuels instead of depending on non-renewable fossil fuels that only helps in polluting our planet. However, bio fuels as well as other alternative sources of energy are cleaner and earth friendly. But until these technologies are widely used, conserving energy should be practiced in order to reduce pollution and your impact on the earth.

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