Modern Environmental Movement

Environmental movement can simply be defined as a social and political movement mainly concerning with the conservation of environment as well as improving the state of environment. It can also be said as green and conservation movement. Generally, environmentalists favor the sustainable management of natural resources as well as the protection of the environment via changes in public policy and individual behavior. In its recognition of humanity as a participant in ecosystems, the movement is centered on ecology, health and human rights.

The beginning of modern environmental movement can be dated back to attempts in 19th century Europe & North America to exhibit the costs of environmental negligence, especially disease, and widespread air as well as water pollution. But it was only after the World War II that the awareness begins to emerge. Environmental movement covers broad and different areas of institutional oppression. Such oppression may include consumptions of ecosystems and natural resources into waste. It also includes pollution of air and water, weak infrastructure, exposure of organic life to toxic and several other focuses. From the above mentioned divisions, we can classify the present environmental movement into these main focuses - Environmental Science, Environmental Activism, Environmental Advocacy, and Environmental Justice. The other focus points further include environmental conservation which is a process of conserving natural resources or aspects of the environment. However, environmental movement today like environmental health mainly deals with urban standards including clean water, effectual sewage handling as well as stable population control. The movement also concerned with nutrition, prevention medicine and other concerns specific to human well-being.

As we consider about environmental justice movement, the movement basically links with social and ecological concerns of environment as the same time prevents de facto racism as well as classism. This makes it especially acceptable for the construction of labor-environmental alliances. Environment movement like ecology movement mainly involves the Gaia Theory as well as Value of the Earth and other interactions between humans, science, and responsibility. Moreover, there are also anti-nuclear movement, deep ecology movement as well as Bright Green environmentalism.

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