Environmental Organizations And Conferences

The progress of modern civilization results in environmental degradation. This led to the increase of global warming, depletion of natural resources and energy crisis. The time has come to get aware of these facts. We need to more earth friendly to save our planet. Many of the environmental organizations have also come up to make people aware of degradation of environment. Moreover many conferences regarding environment issues are also held all over the world. Here, we will discuss about environmental organizations and conferences being held to get aware of the changes in our planet.

Talking about the environmental organizations, organization that concerned with environmental issues can be global, regional, national or local. In fact these organizations can be government run or else can be private such as NGO. We can say that, in most countries of the world environmental activity exists. There are also certain groups that devotes to community development and social justice also focus on environmental issues. There are also volunteer organizations such as Ecoworld, which concerns totally on environment, an organization based in team work and volunteer work. Know more about environmental organizations and conferences.

Some of the well known US environmental organizations includes Natural Resources Defense Council & Environmental Defense Fund. These organizations mainly focus on bringing lawsuits. Other US based organizations may include National Wildlife Federation, the Nature Conservancy and the Wilderness Society. Many environmental conferences are also being held globally to discuss the issues of the environment. Some global organizations are World wide Fund for Nature and Friends of the Earth. These organizations circulate information, take part in public hearings, stage demonstrations, and may also buy land for preservation. Smaller groups of organizations such as Wildlife Conservation International mainly focused on endangered species and ecosystems.

Continuing with the information on environmental conferences and organizations, there are also radical groups of organizations like Greenpeace, Earth First as well as Earth Liberation Front. These organizations mainly concerns with the actions that can be harmful to environment. At global level, concern for environment was the main subject or topic of UN conference in Stockholm in 1972, attended by 114 nations. After this meeting, United Nations Environment Programmed developed, followed by United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in 1992. Other global organization that supports the concerns for environment includes the Commission Environmental Cooperation, the European Environment Agency and the Intergovernmental Panel on climate Change. The above article briefly informs you about the different environmental organizations and conferences being held on environmental issues.

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