Introduction To Environmentalism

Our planet, Earth is much like a home but we never care to look after it like our homes. We utilize its resources, we pollute it with waste or trash, and we never thought that what things will be like in the coming days or future, never thinking what shape things will be in for our children. Millions tons of waste is produced in the world every day. It a high time to think about our environment and what can we do to make our environment free from pollution. The given article shares brief introduction to environmentalism and the importance of being earth friendly.

Environmentalism can simply be considered as a social movement that mainly concerns for environmental conservation and improving the state of the environment. Green color often represents environmentalism and environmental concerns. In simple words, it is just a social movement that strives to persuade or induce the political process by lobbying, activism as well as education for protecting natural resources & eco-systems. Talking about environmentalism, it has now become very essential for people to care about the planet Earth and the long term survival of life on this planet. The introduction to environmentalism clearly shows the importance of being earth friendly. We need to start recognizing the environment problems and should come up solutions to save our environment and make a healthy environment for living. In other words, recognizing a problem is the first step in finding the solution. For instance, environmental concepts like eco-system, sustainable development, biodiversity etc will help you understand the vulnerability of our environment, and framing our environmental problems as well as coming up with different solutions.

Going further with environmentalism introduction, the solutions actually come up with a mixture of several approaches which involves conservation, law, economics, technology, education, social justice, personal change, and activism. Moreover, it is important for all of us to be earth friendly or eco friendly as possible. It’s in our hands as well as we have the ability to make our earth or world a better place for ourselves, our children and for future generations. The above introduction to environmentalism clearly shows exact meaning of environmentalism.

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