Protecting Biodiversity

Protecting biodiversity is now very essential since biodiversity is crucial for reducing climate pollution and dealing as well as adapting to the effects of climate change. If we don’t protect biodiversity, the effects could be as harmful as the effects of global warming itself. This is especially true with tropical forests- they are critical to fighting climate change and home to more species than any other ecosystem type. In other words, protecting biodiversity is essential for our well being. Biodiversity helps to balance the nature.

Biodiversity has its own economic importance, so protection of biodiversity is important. As we all know farm crops as well as animals are mainly descendents of wild organisms. They are generally the component of biodiversity. Some varieties of old crops have more taste or disease resistance, and they may be more suitable to future changes in the climate. Most of the fruit crops depend on various insects for pollination of their flowers. Venison or salmon are also a source of food for human. Fishermen simply harvest or used natural biodiversity of the oceans & river.

Considering the essentiality of biodiversity, it is an important part of sustainable development. In simple words, biodiversity is a measure of sustainable development. As we know, sustainable development is considered as a major target for industry as well as planning system. However, the only way to achieve this target is to measure biodiversity. Apart from this biodiversity is essential a provider of natural services, although we may not readily recognize it. For instance Peat bogs, plays an important role in purifying water & also lock up carbon dioxide. Tiny plants that grow also absorb large amount of carbon dioxide. That is why protecting biodiversity is essential.

To be very precise biodiversity protection is very much important since biodiversity is a fundamental component of life on Earth. It creates complex ecosystems that could never be reproduced by humans. The value of that biodiversity, both intrinsically and to humans, is immeasurable, and thus must be protected. In the end, we both want and need biodiversity. We continue harming the natural environment without realizing the impact. We should be aware of protecting biodiversity. Moreover, we should know the importance of biodiversity for making good ad better life on the Earth.

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