Increase Energy Efficiency

Global warming is increasing every year and at the same time climate change is coming to light thus pointing the need to reduce our overall energy consumptions. In simple words, we need to increase energy efficiency. To fight global warming, it is absolutely necessary for us to reduce our energy consumption and look at ways of sustainable living. We can say that energy saving starts from home, whenever you save energy; you not only save money but also reduce the demand for such fossil fuels as coal, oil, and natural gas. So just read on to get key ideas for improving energy efficiency and be an earth friendly person.

Given below are some few effective ways for increasing energy efficiency in your home:

Buying energy efficient products – Purchasing efficient products is one of simple ways to increase energy efficiency. New electrical appliances such as refrigerators, dryers, washers and other appliances use less energy in comparison to older ones. While purchasing those electrical appliances you should look for those rated with ‘energy star’. Smaller items like light bulbs have more energy efficient options.

Reduce standby/vampire power – Many of the appliances which include televisions, lamps as well as the phone chargers can continue consuming energy even when it is in off mode. You should unplug those appliances when not use as this will save energy at the same reduce your electric bill up to 20 percent. You should attach them to a surge protector & turn them off when you are not using it or unplug them completely. This is one effective way to increase energy efficiency.

Turn down thermostat & reduce heat transfer- Most of the people turn on heater during months of cold knowing much knowledge that heat produced up to 30 percent is escaping through the windows. To save this energy one can install energy efficient windows to minimize heat transfer. During summer, these windows reduce heat transfer into the house minimizing the need of air conditioning.

Go solar – This is one of the great options to increase energy efficiency. One can install solar panels for overall energy grid or just for the water heater. Depending on where you live, wind energy may be a more preferable option.

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