Urban Hydroponic Gardeners

The safety of our food supply continues to concern many of us as we seek out organic solutions at affordable prices. However, space is at a premium in urban environments, and few of us have the luxury of being able to create expansive gardens.  Hydroponics gardening may be the ideal solution that allows us to enjoy fresh, healthy produce and lush flowers whenever we want whether we are novice or experienced gardeners without the need for a major space investment.

Hydroponic gardening is a system that allows plants to be grown without soil. Instead, they absorb nutrients through their roots in water, sand, gravel or air. This allows the plants to grow more efficiently, which translates into faster growth. Because no soil is needed, gardeners can get more use out of even the smallest spaces, making hydroponic gardening a great choice for apartment dwellers and those in densely populated urban environments as well as those who simply want to get the most out of their gardening efforts.

More gardeners are discovering every day how easy and beneficial it is to get started with hydroponic growing techniques. Many pests live in the soil, which gives them easy access to plants, but when there is no soil, there is also no risk of insects, soil-borne diseases or even weeds. Plants will be healthier, and even though the garden may be small, that healthier environment can ensure greater productivity.

Whether you have made the decision to live a healthier lifestyle with home-grown produce or you simply want to try a new way to garden, hydroponic gardening may be right for you. A hydroponic garden can be created on the balcony of your apartment or in a corner of your kitchen and can provide you with fresh, juicy tomatoes, crisp lettuce and colorful peppers all year round. You can avoid the inconvenience of weeding and hoeing and have more control over what does and does not go into the foods you eat. The system can be completely automated and can be used in homes or greenhouses.

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