3 Ways to Become Friends With a Stranger

The desire to accumulate more and to live more of life is hardwired into the psychological network of humans. And one of the valuable things we can ever accumulate is more friends on our network or web of relationships. Making friends was quite easy during the earliest stage where you can make friends on the spot simply by sharing toys. But as we grow, we lose that golden innocence and magic. Therefore, learning these 3 ways to become friends with a stranger is important to put you back in control of that gift. Whether in your place of work or at school or on your favorite social media, these are the 3 simple ways to turn a complete stranger to an intimate friend.


Spot The Similarities/Be Humorous

This is the most effective strategy for creating a friendship that lasts. With no regard to whether you’re meeting that person online or offline, you can easily know what you have in common by paying attention. This, however, depends on if the second party is open enough or he/she is a discrete kind of individual. But by successfully spotting the things that you both have in common, may be a hobby or interest, you can easily connect. Look out for;


  • What their favorite drink or food is
  • Who their favorite author or and artist is
  • How best they love spending free time
  • Things that irk them


Then see if you share an interest. (spoilers; every single person does). And finally, engage them in conversations and build topics around their interests and let them know you share the same. The best way to do this is to be humorous doing it whilst adding a touch of seriousness. (Ballance is key).


Ask A Question/Pay Compliment

Suppose you have a short time to spark the connection and you may never get to see that stranger again, here’s the best way to go. Ask them a question. It could be asking them what the nearest library or store is around you or any other related question. When they offer a guide, compliment them honestly, and request their contact number so you can reach back to them for more guidance should you need one. Or you could just be straight about building a friendship with such a kind individual.


Offer Help

You can actually use this strategy to become a friend with a total stranger anywhere anytime. You just have to wait for the best time which is when the second party needs help. Can you read the look on the blonde’s face and it looks like she’s lost? Is the new girl next door struggling to get the basketball off of the roof? Look out for when they need help and offer to help them out. They will definitely reciprocate by wanting to be your friend.