5 Ways to Easily Make New Friends

Does it feel lonely even when you have a thousand virtual friends and followers on your social media handles? The truth is, virtual relationships are never a replacement for the ones you make in real life. But going out of your way to make real friends is not very easy, especially for introverts or people who are averted to face-to-face contact. But with these 5 ways to easily make new friends, you will create the kind of quality of friendships you’ve always wanted.

Date Parties Are Bae

Don’t worry if you are an introvert or the shy sort of person, in the next headline I will share a simple process to overcoming your fears. So, go on a date party to meet new faces when you’ve got the courage. If you’re a mover and have just moved into a new city, this may be impossible. But with the help of hook-ups platforms like BumbleBFF, you can get matched with someone for a blind date. Don’t worry if it didn’t work out the first day. The more you aim, the greater the chances of hitting a target.

Overcome Fears and Set Friendship Goals

As an introvert, the first biggest step in overcoming your fears. To do that, I recommend spending time with your fears through meditation and acknowledging the source of your fears. The power of acceptance cannot be overstretched. Afterward, set your friendship goal. Highlight the number of friends you want to make in a day and define the kind of relationship you want to build with each.

Focus On You

This is the simplest and most effective way to easily make new friends effortlessly. You know, when you let things happen on their own, they happen in the best way. So, get your mind off the tension and focus on the things you like. Volunteer in non-profit activities that spark your interest and sign-up for workshops or tutorials that you love. You’ll definitely meet friends of the same interest as yourself.

Smile More

People are more drawn to a happy personality. If you have your face up all the time, you most definitely have been scaring potential friends away. Therefore, smile more and create a natural inviting environment around you. Have you heard of the phenomenon called aura? Smiling consistently create a good aura around you, attracting good friends to you. By the way, the law of attraction is just unavoidable.

Be open and Accepting

By this, I don’t mean letting all your cats out of the bag to everybody you come across. Otherwise, what I mean by being open is to not take turn-downs personally. If you invite someone over and they turn down your offer, it doesn’t mean that they don’t like you or that they are arrogant. They may have their hands full or may be going through difficulties. Instead, send them “thank-you(s)” and show concern to know the reason for the downturn.