What Are The Pros and Cons of Period Timber Sash Windows?

There are several hundred period properties currently located in the UK. These buildings have a distinct appearance with features from may classical eras. Period properties have common qualities rarely seen in contemporary buildings, such as large vaulted ceilings, thick brick walls, and high-quality material. The period timber sash window is a beautiful feature for the appearance of these historic buildings.

Pros of Period Timber Sash Windows.

  • When the timber is well-maintained the windows can last for many decades in great condition. Some period properties have windows over 100 years old that are still in great shape. What most homeowners don’t know is that good quality timber windows have a much longer lifespan compared to other materials used for the window.
  • Timber can be treated and repaired to significantly increase the longevity of the material and the window. When other materials are damaged full replacement of the window is usually the only option you have.
  • Another clear advantage is the increased value of the property. The window is one of the few elements of a building that can be seen from the inside and the outside. The value of period properties decreases when contemporary windows are used to replace the original. When more original elements have been preserved the uniqueness of the building and the value of the building will be much more appreciated. If an original window is beyond repair and replacement is needed, a new window in the old style will protect the value of the property.
  • The historic value of the building is protected when the original windows are still present. The United Kingdom has a rich history. Part of this history is found in the historic buildings and their respective unique elements of the different eras. These historic buildings reflect eras like the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian times.
  • The original windows are created in the same style as the rest of the building. Aesthetically the original elements can never be beaten by replacements. Especially, contemporary-looking windows will ruin the aesthetics of the building as a whole. If the original windows are non-repairable, replacements that are as close to the original as possible will keep the beautiful aesthetics and appearance of period properties.
  • Timber is an Eco-friendly choice because timber is a natural and renewable material. The manufacturing of timber windows will keep the emission of CO2 low. In times of climate change, every contribution counts.
  • Repairing of period timber windows with modern insulation techniques will reduce the energy needed to keep the building warm inside. When replaced with a replica in the same style the insulation with modern techniques will increase even more. Moreover, you will not lose all the other benefits of period timber windows. In general, timber is an excellent material for effective insulation.
  • Increased property value, energy efficiency, and durability together make this option more cost-efficient than many people know. Additionally, repairing and/or replacements with timber replicas are often cheaper than homeowners expect.

Cons of Period Timber Sash Windows.

  • When the window is not installed properly, wooden windows are susceptible to the wind blowing through the small spaces of the window. Another common problem with wooden windows is the annoying rattling sound if the window was not installed correctly. These problems can also occur from poor maintenance.
  • Timber needs regular maintenance, which will cost time and money. If wooden windows lack proper maintenance and treatment the wood will start rotting. Additionally, wood has to be treated and/or painted to protect the material against the elements. Other materials don’t need the same amount of treatment and maintenance to stay in good shape. Which makes timber windows more maintenance-intensive than windows from other materials.
  • Wooden windows are vulnerable to insects, which can be a nuisance. Especially termites can be bothersome and severely damage the material.
  • Wood is sensitive for tough environmental conditions. The consequence is that more maintenance is needed to keep the timber in good condition. Especially areas close to the sea can damage the wood because of the high concentration of salt in the air.

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